The Five Horsemen

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    Annapolis Valley, NS
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    Jessica Brewster
    Fusion Entertainment Co.
    (902) 698-0289
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The 5 Horseman are a.k.a “A Call For Submission”, here’s the history of the band before they created “The 5 Horseman”:
“The 5 Horseman” are a high-energy, hard rocking group of headbangers who created this band to pay homage to one the the best hard rock/metal bands of all time, Metallica. You may have snickered at the name of the band as it’s obviously in reference to the song “The Four Horseman” but , it also holds great meaning to the unique blend of musicians brought together in this mix. You see, the guys knew they weren’t your traditional tribute band grouping in which the band would normally look and dress like the band they are paying tribute to. But they were hungry to play tunes from one of their favorite bands of all time, Metallica and that’s how the name “The 5 Horseman” came into play. Unlike Metallica, the singer doesnt play guitar, but ,with the amazing line-up of musicians behind him, brings the full essence and energy of James Hetfield and Metallica to the stage with every show the band plays. These guys come out on stage as the high energy hard rocking band they are and play the very best new and old Metallica tunes leaving the audience wanting more. Check out the next show, you won’t be dissapointed!