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More than a combined century of stage experience and all veterans of the Halifax club scene, Lisa Comeau, Jim Power, Julien Caesar and GP Thibault bring a real old fashioned ROCK show everywhere they go and give 110% every night.

Brazen’s debut (nicknamed “$10 Whore” was written, recorded and released in 40 day from start to completion. Many takes on the CD were the first time some members had heard the songs.

A great example is “Secrets” which was written AND recorded AND mastered all in ONE DAY!

Now getting local airplay on LIVE105, Q104 and play in Newfoundland and new York as well as having held the #1 spot on the Halifax Rock Charts for 3 months straight, #1 on the Halifax Indie Charts as well as #15 NATIONALLY on the Canadian Indie Charts.

Brazen is ready to explode.

CD now available.