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    Fusion Entertainment Co.-(902) 698-2724 or 698-0289

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We, A CALL FOR SUBMISSION have strived make our mark on the scene in a MAJOR way over the last 10 years throughout the Annapolis Valley and beyond and could not have done it without the support of the fans, friends,local entertainment establishments,and most of all, our families. Our blend of hard rock, classic rock, heavy metal has formed us into what some call a “modern metal” band. The direction we’ve taken has led us to writing infectious originals and has placed us at the top scale of Valley bands. Just check out all of the things that we have done and all that we have in store for you all… and we’re just getting started…. JOIN THE GROUP AND SEE!!


2nd Place Winners at COVERED UP 2, Greenwood Top Hat, Dec. 2009.

Placed in the TOP 3 bands at Battle on the Westside, Westside Charlies. April, 2010

2nd Place Winners at COVERED UP, Greenwood Top Hat, Dec. 2007

Main Stage performers at 2009 WHARF RAT RALLY in Digby (85,000 people during the event)

2nd Place Winners of THE BIG BLOSSOM BATTLE 2009

Opening act at the 89.3 K-ROCK BIRTHDAY BASH 2009, Apple Blossom, Kentville (12,000+ people)