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♫♫ 7 MiLE STARE is a dynamic, power rock band, recognized by emotionally fierce vocals, passionate performances & songs that keep you singing for days. 7MS is a band on the rise & one that Rock fans won’t want to miss ♫♫


7 MiLE STARE is a four piece Rock Band from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada which was formed in 2010 by Chris Ricketson (Vocals) and Rick Ruth (Drums). Other members include Michael Cormier (Lead Guitar) and Jamie Geddes (Bass/Panio)

Recognized by Ricketson powerful vocals and the bands intense passion and energy, 7MS quickly got people talking, touting their fresh rock sound, “The New Sound of Ea…See more


Everyone has obstacles to overcome in this life and although at times you may not see it… there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This “tunnel” may be longer or shorter than the another, BUT if you focus on that light rather than the darkness around you, you can overcome it and accomplish anything.. That’s your 7 MiLE STARE.